Accurate, digitally-controlled, real-world slopes for indoor golf

2023 Zen Green Stage & Zen Swing Stage

Accurate real-world slopes for indoor golf.

Welcome to golf’s most advanced indoor playing surfaces – the 2023 Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage.

Recreate any makeable putt on the planet, including double-breaks, and play full shots from sloping lies.

Use your Stage with launch monitors, simulators, and training aids including force plates for a revolutionary new indoor golf experience.

Adjust it in seconds to within +/- 0.1% of a gradient, while you stand on it.

Simple to use, safe, and engineered to world-class standards for Tour players, coaches and private golfers seeking the most realistic experience away from the golf course, the 2023 Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage are a fundamental step forward for indoor golf. 

  • All-direction movement with double-breaking putts
  • Precise accuracy to +/- 0.1% gradient
  • Suitable for putting and full swing golf
  • Ultra-true Zen Master putting turf (stimp 11.5)
  • On-Floor or In-Floor options
  • Optional Full Strike Oval on Green Stage for tee-to-green practice
  • Use the Stage with your other technology
  • ‘Stand On Stage’ wireless tablet control 
  • Pro Installations available worldwide
  • Simple disassembly for transportation
  • Rapid slope transitions
  • Up to 10% gradient left-right
  • Up to 8% gradient up-down
  • Auto self-levelling
  • Safety features
  • Includes Stance Mat to protect turf during full swing

Revolutionize your indoor golf experience

The Ultimate Golf Studio

Plays like a real golf course – indoors

  • In the 1980s, computer games brought golf to your armchair.
  • In the 2000s, launch monitors and simulators were perfected.
  • In 2020, Zen created accurate real-world slopes for indoor golf.

Say goodbye to flat-surface indoor golf with the 2023 Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage.

Hit full shots from sloping lies. Recreate pressure putts, including double-breakers.

Future-proof your golf studio by basing it around a Zen Green Stage or Zen Swing Stage, and bring real-world slopes indoors.

Experience infinitely-variable breaking putts and full-swing indoor golf. Say hello to more realistic practice. Say hello to capturing new launch monitor data.

And for the first time, putting in a golf simulator is no longer an anti-climax.

Build your ultimate golf studio around Zen Green Stage / Swing Stage

For Tour Golfers

The best home setup available

Recreate sloping putts in the scoring zone on a true, grass-like putting surface which runs at Tour speeds – indoors.

Hit approach shots on accurately-adjustable sloping lies – indoors.

And, for the first time, you can now gather new performance data about your ball-striking and putting on the real-world slopes which you encounter out on Tour.

Only on Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage.

If you make your living from competing, please contact us.

The #1 professionally-adjustable playing surfaces

For Players

Add an ultra-realistic feel to your home golf studio.

So you’ve got a swing room at home. You’re already ahead of the game.

Now, with the 2023 Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage, you can add a whole new level of reality.

  • Hit breaking putts indoors
  • Hit full shots off sloping lies
  • Enjoy real putting in your golf simulator
  • Recreate famous pressure putts from Tour golf
  • Play real golf at night – and when your local golf course is closed

For entertainment. For serious improvement. For you and your friends.

The 2023 Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage. Play on a new level.

Get the ultimate playing surface

For Coaches

Give full-swing and putting lessons on sloping lies

Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage are the professional choice.

Fit for purpose. The world’s only moving floors for golf with the UKCA safety-certificate. Accurate and adjustable to within 0.1% of a gradient. Reliable and robust. Silent movement with Stand-on-Stage touch-screen control. 

Here’s a question:
The golf course isn’t flat, so why are your golf lessons?

The primary purpose of the Green Stage and Swing Stage is to help instructors to give better golf lessons by:

a) teaching putting and / or full swing golf on accurate real-world slopes indoors;

b) creating new indoor coaching scenarios, gathering new types of performance data and getting more out of your existing golf technology;

c) promoting better transference of that knowledge out onto the natural slopes of the golf course, when the lesson is over.

  • Full swing and putting data capture
  • Teach golf more naturally
  • More realistic coaching scenarios
  • Create new coaching programs
  • Unforgettable group sessions
  • An exciting new way to use floor space

“The Zen Green Stage is the final piece of the jigsaw.” PHIL KENYON, TOUR PUTTING COACH

More Powerful Data

Collect new data on real-world slopes

Ask us about our latest integrations with other golf technology. 

Whether you are a coach, pupil, or player at home, the connected Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage give you data which you have never had before, and indoor playing conditions which more accurately mirror the real world.

For the first time, you can now practice with:

  • Adjustable sloping lies for full-swing golf
  • Adjustable breaking putts, including double-breaks

Enhance your practice, collect smarter data, learn better, and boost your ability to take that learning out onto the golf course.

‘Let’s look at your numbers’ has never been this real, or this much fun.

Innovate on indoor slopes

Installation & Studio Design

Pro installations, design services and self-build assistance.

The 2023 Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage take your indoor golf experience to a new level.

Add golf’s moving floor and future-proof your swing room:

Professional Installations

Zen has licensed studio design and installation partners worldwide, ready to help you develop your project, and to build & install the Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage.

Please enquire about professional installation options in your locality.

Create your Green Stage / Swing Stage room

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