About Zen Golf

Developing new technology for golf

About Zen

World-class innovation and technology.

Zen’s mission is to enrich your golf, and to better enjoy all the health benefits the sport has to offer.

The 2022 Zen Green Stage® creates a variable playing surface on which you can express your youthful curiosity and playfulness, leading to discovery and improvement.

It prepares you for the golf course like no other indoor practice environment can.

The Ecological Approach

Become your own guru.

Out on the golf course, it’s an ever-changing environment. Putts break, fairway lies aren’t flat like at the driving range. Your body automatically plants itself on sloping ground, your senses kick in, and you’re balanced. This is “ecological learning” at work, on the golf course. And you did it without thinking.

This is the Zen way of learning. In the studio, the uniquely-adjustable Zen Green Stage® enables you to recreate that ever-changing golf course environment. It encourages experimentation. Your sensory system feels the break of the putt, and how it feels to hit shots from sloping lies. So when you’re back out on the golf course, you have become your own guru. Self-organised, able to cope with variability, and a better golfer.

Nick Middleton

The founder.

Zen Golf founder Nick Middleton is a Tour putting coach, creator of the revolutionary Zen Oracle putter, and the Zen Green Stage.

Based in the City of Sheffield, one of world’s technology and industry powerhouses, Nick and the Zen Golf team develop original technologies which progress the sport of golf, makes it more enjoyable, improves performance, and helps to grow participation at all levels of the game.

The 2022 Zen Green Stage® helps golfers recreate any makeable putt on the planet and play off sloping lies, and is the latest ground-breaking product from this ambitious and talented team.