The #1 adjustable playing surface in golf


Zen Green Stage is made in the United Kingdom.

Zen Green Stage comes in three standard sizes: 12ft x 8ft (3.66m x 2.44m), 16ft x 8ft (4.88m x 2.44m) and 20ft x 8ft (6.10m x 2.44m). In On-Floor configuration the playing surface is 235mm (just over 9 inches) above the floor when in the starting position.

Yes, although extra costs may apply. Custom sizes are available by special request, although we recommend that the minimum width is 7ft (2.13m) to allow for the curvature of your putt. 

Yes. The Zen Green Stage is a very popular addition to the home golf studio or games room. The innovative structural design distributes its weight evenly across the surface area. No additional structural reinforcement is required, and a durable base board or carpet underlay is often all that’s required should you wish to protect existing flooring. The Stage has an ingenious self-levelling system built into the control which immediately compensates for any uneven floors.

The Green Stage can be recessed into your floor either by creating a recess in your existing floor, or by building a up false floor and recessing the Green Stage into that. In both cases, please contact Zen for advice and recess  specifications.

Depending on the size and location of your space, a typical Zen Green Stage installation is under two days. And, should your DIY skills come up to scratch, we also offer a self-assembly option. 

No. Your Zen Green Stage  adjustable playing surface comes with its own Control System Unit (CSU) which removes the need for a separate computer.

We currently quote a build time of six to eight weeks from receipt of deposit. A final belancing payment is required before your Green Stage is shipped to you.

The Zen Green Stage itself weighs between 500kg and 780kg, depending upon size and configuration. It incorporates a metal chassis which distributes the weight evenly around the perimeter, equivalent to 25kg per square meter. The overall weight for each Stage differs based on the design and type of installation, but we will provide these details in your finished specifications.

Zen will arrange delivery to your door, or you can use your own freight forwarders. In either case, we recommend either a fork lift truck or a four-person team are available to assist with unloading your Zen Green Stage when it arrives.


Yes, this is essential. Before you install your Green Stage, please contact Zen and follow the step-by-step advice as regards starting to use your Green Stage.

The Zen Green Stage plugs into a single, standard domestic power supply socket.

Your Zen Green Stage is supplied with a tablet-style touchscreen controller.

Yes at the moment. The Zen Green Stage has a dedicated wireless control system provided by a touchscreen tablet, which is supplied with your Stage.  This enables you to drive your Stage while you are standing on it. We call this ‘Stand On Stage Control’, and it is an incredibly cool feature. The first time people stand on a Green Stage as it moves beneath their feet is an unforgettable experience! We also supply a WiFi Booster to ensure that your Zen Green Stage WiFi signal is robust. Instructions are given with your Green Stage as to where to position the WiFi Booster for optimal performance.

Yes. Your Zen Green Stage is supplied with Print and E-Book versions of the Installation Manual, User Guide and Turf Maintenance Guide.

It is safe to stand on the Zen Green Stage while it is moving, as the movement is gradual, although we do not recommend this for people who are unsteady on their feet or you have a medical condition that may compromise your health while operating the Stage. Our warranty states that no more than two adults are permitted to stand on the Zen Green Stage at any one time, while it is moving, and no more than four while it is stationary.

Our warranty states that no more than two adults are permitted to stand on the Zen Green Stage at any one time, while it is moving, and no more than four while it is stationary.

The Zen Green Stage takes only a few seconds to move into your chosen position. The transition from one shape to another is virtually silent, and exceptionally smooth.

Yes. At the moment you can manually set your Zen Green Stage to create accurate slopes which enhance the experience while using a launch monitor, golf simulator or other golf training aids. We are constantly developing the Green Stage’s integration capabilities. In time we aim to integrate with most of the leading golf technologies, so they can ‘talk’ to the Stage and move it automatically, once the user has given the correct permissions. We have created, we believe, the perfect Stage for golfers to experience host of different golf technologies, and we continue to break new boundaries. Any requests for new challenges are always welcome.

Gradients of up to 10% left / right are available in the transverse plane (side slopes) and up to 8% in the longitudinal plane (uphill/downhill slopes). Maximum gradients differ according to the size of the Green Stage. The Stage can also ‘twist’ to create double-breaking putts, and it can also create compound breaks by lifting a single corner. These attributes make the 2022 Zen Green Stage the most dramatic and dynamic adjustable playing surface in golf. These numbers may not sound high, but test yourself on a steep downhill left-right Green Stage putt, and you may change your mind! On steeper gradients than these maximums, your ball will not sit still – it will simply roll away! 

We recommend that you use our premium organic twisted wool fibre, Zen Master turf, with your Zen Green Stage for putting. This material is Stimp rated at 11.5, making it a similar speed to the average green on the PGA Tour and European Tour. It is faster than the average club golf green. In addition, if you specify a putting cup at both ends of your Green Stage (an optional extra), putting in the opposite direction to normal reduces the Stimp to between 10 and 10.5 as Zen Master has a very slight ‘grain’. Zen Master produces a highly stable, consistent, true roll at all gradients. We sourced this material specifically for the 2022 Zen Green Stage, after much research, so as to safeguard against unwanted variations in the putting surface (ripples and ridges) after the Stage has transitioned to a new gradient. You are free to supply your own turf for your Stage, so as to change the speed, and exhanging the turf is a simple process, but we recommend Zen Master for the best putting experience. If you wish to turf the Green Stage for adjustable full swing golf only, we can also supply that ourselves or again you are free to source your own. Zen has tested many of the leading brands and we can offer advice on the right choice for your application.

The Zen Green Stage is designed principally for indoor environments, but an exterior pack is available by special request. For example, we have worked with Sky Sports, Europe’s leading sports broadcaster, on Outside Broadcasts with great success from a succession of Major championships, including the Masters Tournament and Open Championship, and also from the Ryder Cup in Paris in 2018.   

The Zen Green Stage is  supplied with a rubber-backed Stance Mat. If you stand on this when hitting full shots, you will not damage the putting surface.

Yes of course – standing on a Zen Green Stage while playing one of the many indoor golf simulators now available is a whole new experience. For the first time, you can reproduce the sloping fairway lies and breaking putts which you see in the simulator, beneath your feet. You will also find that putting out when you reach the green, in a golf simulator, is now more satisfying as you can recreate the slopes you see on the screen. Zen is the world leader in golf powered platform technology. The 2022 Green Stage features the latest advancements in control engineering and software, and we aim to integrate with terrain mapping software, including golf simulator software, so as to produce a more automatically-driven experience. This integration work is ongoing, and we always inform Zen Green Stage customers when new integration work has been completed.

Networking together multiple Green Stages is something we are working on and it will be very cool indeed. We are developing a multi-player module which will allow users to compete online and compare scores. As with all integration upgrades, we always inform Zen Green Stage customers when new features are available, or when new integration work has been completed.

While we work on green-mapping technology to make this feature available automatically in the future, you can you can of course recreate the most common slopes which you face on your home golf course by manually adjusting your Zen Green Stage. EG: slightly downhill, right to left with a touch of left to right just before the hole.

The Zen Green Stage is accurately adjustable to +/- 0.1%  of a gradient. 

The Zen Green Stage is already used by many of the world’s leading players, academies and coaches. Zen also collaborates with leading sports engineering research organisations in its quest to break new ground in motor learning and skill acquisition. Zen Green Stage owners will automatically enjoy top level benefits this research will bring to our performance and enjoyment of the game. Watch this space!

The Zen Green Stage is fitted with an industry-rated emergency stop feature which immediately arrests any operation of the platform. The On-Floor models also feature a Safety Step which arrests movement. All models include trip-switches surrounding the moving floor to prevent trapping. 

All parts and labour are covered with a 12-month guarantee from date of installation. The Zen Master putting turf is rated for six years’ use, if the Turf Maintenance Guide is followed. Contact Zen about our optional extended maintenance terms.

In the unlikely event of mechanical or software failure during normal operation, please contact the Zen Customer Services Department (info@zen.golf) where staff will assist with your enquiry. All parts and labour are covered with a 12-month guarantee from date of installation. Contact Zen about our optional extended maintenance terms.