The #1 adjustable playing surface in golf

Yes. The Zen Green Stage is a very popular addition to the home studio or games room. The innovative structural design distributes its weight evenly across the surface area. No addition structural reinforcement is required, and a durable base board or carpet underlay is often all that’s required should you wish to protect existing flooring. The Stage has an ingenious self-levelling system built into the control which immediately compensates for any uneven floors.

Depending on the size and location of your space, a typical Zen Green Stage installation is under two days. And, should your DIY skills come up to scratch, we also offer a self-assembly option. 

Yes. Custom sizes and shapes are available by special request..

The Zen Green Stage is designed to use virtually of any type of carpet or synthetic turf for full swing or putting. Materials are widely available with speeds ranging from 8 to 18 Stimp. Changing the speed simply involves exchanging the turf, which takes only a few minutes. Zen has tested many of the leading brands and can offer advice on the right choice for your application.

While we work on green-mapping technology to make this feature available automatically in the future, you can you can of course recreate the most common slopes which you face on your home golf course by manually adjusting your Zen Green Stage. EG: slightly downhill, right to left with a touch of left to right just before the hole.

Yes of course – standing on a Zen Green Stage while playing one of the many indoor golf simulators now available is a whole new experience. For the first time, you can reproduce the sloping fairway lies and breaking putts which you see in the simulator, beneath your feet. You will find that putting out when you reach the green, in a golf simulator, is now much more satisfying as you can recreate the slopes. Zen is the world leader in golf powered platform technology. The latest 2021 Stage features the latest advancements in control engineering and software, which makes it possible for us to integrate with virtually all leading terrain mapping software, including golf simulator software. This integration work is ongoing, and we always inform Zen Green Stage customers when new integration work has been completed.

Gradients of more than 14% are available in the transverse plane (side slopes) and 8% in the longitudinal plane (uphill/downhill slopes), making the Zen Green Stage simply the most dramatic playing surface in golf.

The Zen Green Stage is designed principally for indoor environments, but an exterior pack is available by special request. For example, we have worked with Sky Sports, Europe’s leading sports broadcaster, on Outside Broadcasts with great success from a succession of Major championships, and also from the Ryder Cup in Paris in 2018.   

Zen Green Stages incorporates a metal chassis which distributes the weight evenly around the perimeter, equivalent to 25kg per square meter. The overall weight for each Stage differs based on the design and type of installation, but we will provide these details in your finished specifications.

It is safe to stand on the Zen Green Stage while it is moving, as the movement is gradual, although we do not recommend this for people who are unsteady on their feet or you have a medical condition that may compromise your health while operating the Stage. As a general rule, we recommend that no more than three adults of average weight are permitted to stand on the Zen Green Stage at any one time.

The Zen Green Stage plugs into a standard domestic power supply.

The Zen Green Stage is incredibly accurate to +/- 0.1% gradient..

The Zen Green Stage takes only a few seconds to move into your chosen position. The transition from one shape to another is virtually silent, and exceptionally smooth.

The Zen Green Stage has a dedicated wireless control system with software that makes is possible to drive the Stage from your mobile phone, Tablet or PC.

The Zen Green Stage is fitted with an industry-rated emergency stop feature which immediately arrests any operation of the platform.

In the unlikely incidence of failure during normal operation, please contact the Zen Customer Services Department where staff will assist with your enquiry. All parts and labour are covered with a 12-month guarantee from date of installation. Thereafter, an optional maintenance package is available.

Yes. You can set your Zen Green Stage to recreate accurate slopes which match the angles displayed on your launch monitor or golf simulator screen. We are working hard on integration programs with industry-leading golf technologies such as simulators, full-swing launch monitors and putting analysis technology, plus Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems. The Zen Green Stage is the perfect partner for a host of different golf technologies, and we continue to break new boundaries. Any requests for new challenges are always welcome.

The Zen Green Stage is already used by many of the world’s leading players, academies and coaches. Zen also collaborates with leading sports engineering research organisations in its quest to break new ground in motor learning and skill acquisition. Zen Green Stage owners will automatically enjoy top level benefits this research will bring to our performance and enjoyment of the game. Watch this space!

This is something we are working on and it will be very cool indeed. We are developing a multi-player module which will allow users to compete online and compare scores. As with all integration upgrades, we always inform Zen Green Stage customers when new features are available, or when new integration work has been completed.

Standard production time is subject to prevailing factory workload ranging from six to eight weeks from receipt of deposit.