On the adjustable golf course©


Give full-swing and putting lessons on sloping lies.

Zen Green Stage is the professional choice.

Here’s a question:
The earth isn’t flat, so why is your golf school?

Book more frequent, more productive lessons, and accelerate learning on the Zen Green Stage.

  • Full swing and putting data capture
  • Teach golf more naturally
  • More realistic coaching scenarios
  • Create new coaching programs
  • Unforgettable group sessions
  • An exciting new way to use floor space
  • Zen Green Stage ® Certification Program

“The Zen Green Stage is the final piece of the jigsaw.” PHIL KENYON, TOUR PUTTING COACH

Start coaching on a new level

More Powerful Data

Collect new data on real-world slopes.

Whether you are a coach, pupil, or player at home, the connected Zen Green Stage® gives you data which you have never had before, and indoor playing conditions which more accurately mirror the real world.

For the first time, you can now practice with:

  • Adjustable sloping lies for full-swing golf
  • Adjustable breaking putts, including double-breaks

Enhance your practice, collect smarter data, learn better, and boost your ability to take that learning out onto the golf course.

‘Let’s look at your numbers’ has never been this real, or this much fun.

Discover new Green Stage data

Technology Partners

Integrate your tech with the adjustable Zen Green Stage.

The 2021 Zen Green Stage integrates with your technology to produce the best-possible indoor golf experience.

Use Green Stage with:

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