Zen Swing Stage

Available from May 2023

About Zen Swing Stage

The 2023 Zen Swing Stage will be available to ship worldwide from May 2023.

It’s time to move your floor with Green Stage levels of accuracy – for full shots through the bag.

Use Swing Stage to unlock a new level of performance from your other indoor golf technology – or practice your own game like never before, on realistic slopes.

  • Golf’s only UKCA safety-certified adjustable playing surfaces
  • 6ft deep x 8ft wide (1.83m x 2.44m)
  • Sidehill lies (Ball Above Feet, Ball Below Feet) up to 9% gradient
  • Uphill + Downhill lies to a steep maximum 12% gradient
  • Adjustable in 0.1% gradient increments
  • Perfect for using fairway slopes to help correct swing faults 
  • Includes Strike Oval suitable for long Driver tees through to Wedge play
  • Stand-on-Stage touchscreen control via Bluetooth
 Please click HERE for all Zen Swing Stage enquiries, or call +44 (0)1226 781000, or email info@zen.golf.